Fracture Solutions Project Africa


To reduce disabilities, morbidity and mortality resulting from musculoskeletal trauma by improving clinical care provided by doctors, nurses, allied healthcare workers and first interveners through appropriate nonoperative and operative fracture care education and fellowship.


Nonoperative Curriculum
  • To develop skills and motivation to maximise opportunities afforded for fracture care
  • To increase volume and quality of fracture care in selected African countries in a way that is economic in its costs of human & physical resources
  • To promote a national and regional culture of fracture care which makes a priority of those in clinical need
  • To promote local fracture care wherever possible, together with appropriate referral
Operative Curriculum
  • To enable all T&O residents in AOA Africa countries access to an appropriate operative fracture management course during their residency
  • To further develop regional faculty with educational expertise, both in courses and during residencies
  • To support principal public operative centres in AOA Africa countries by training ORP in sterile operative care, and operative fracture management